Sex Toys – How to clean sex toys

Sex Toys – How to clean sex toys

Adult Toys, especially in Australia, are becoming more and more expensive so it only makes sense to look after them properly. If looked after well, most sex toys will last many years, however if neglected, unclean or stored incorrectly they can break down in a matter or weeks. Here’s some tips to keep your toys like vibrators and plugs in tip top shape for plenty of fun down the road.

Store your toys properly

Storing sex toys together in the same place can lead to undesirable side effects. When left alone, toys can melt together, infection can spread and they tend to break sooner. Don’t take the risk, store them separately in the boxes they came in, or even wrap them.

Use the right cleaning fluid

Picking the correct cleaning fluid is important as some fluids and soaps won’t mix well with your sensitive areas, leading to big problems for you, not to mention the huge risk of infection & STIs! It’s worth the extra few dollars to buy a sex toy cleaning solution and do the job properly for your own health and safety.

Use the right lube

Some lubes will damage certain toys, and instead of finding out the hard way, simply refer to the instruction manual and purchase the right lubricant for the job. After all, you’ve spent good money on your adult toys and obviously want them to last for as long as possible.

Owning sex toys can be great fun, and as long as you follow a few simple rules, the fun will continue for a long time.

How to clean sex toys