Choose Your Next Storage Bed

Are you looking to add more storage to your home. Even if your home is small, every square inch can be a benefit. You have one of the best storage spots, underneath your bed. However, without the right tools, it can be messy and cumbersome.

A good storage bed will help maximize your bedroom’s space. Which storage bed is best for you? What are the differences between storage beds? In the next sections, we’ll discuss different types of storage beds and what you need to consider before buying a storage bed.

Are You Looking for a Storage Bed?

If you have a small space and want to store everything, storage beds are a great option. They’re great for guest or child bedrooms. You can store any extra linens that you don’t use unless you have company, or out of-season clothing underneath these beds. This allows you to quickly access these storage items.

What are the Different Types of Storage Beds?

Storage beds come in many types, These are the most popular types of storage beds you will see:

Headboard shelves and drawers

Headboard Drawers and shelves are great for frequently-accessed items that belong the person who is sleeping in the bed, as they will always be accessible .

You should consider the fact that shelves will make your items very visible. If you are planning to display personal items, such as books or candles, then shelves may not be the best choice.

Also, note that this storage bed offers the most storage.

Footboard shelves and drawers

The footboard shelves and drawers are located along the bottom edge of your bed. You may be able, depending on your choice of bed, to cover them with a quilt. This will make it easier to store things.

This option typically covers most storage as it can use the entire area of your bed frame. This is a great option for extra sheets, towels, or even holiday decorations and sports gear!

Hidden storage

Under the mattress is hidden storage. To see the hidden storage, you will need to remove anything heavy or hanging over the edge. Then lift the mattress up and uncover the contents. This is an excellent option for items that you don’t intend to use often such as seasonal clothing or clothing that has outgrown.

What size and what style storage bed is best for you?

Storage beds can be small, but they are not meant to take up much space. Storage beds come in a variety of sizes, including twin, full, queen and king. The bigger the bed, you will have more space.

It is a smart idea to consider the items that you intend to store in your bed before buying. A headboard storage bed might be a good option if you don’t require much space.

The size of your bedroom will also affect the size of the storage bed that you choose. It is a good idea to leave at least 3-4ft on the sides of your bed so you have enough space for walking, door clearance, bed-side tables and storage.

Before you buy, measure your room! The following table shows the approximate heights and widths of standard beds sizes:

  • Twin – 38″ by 75″.
  • Full 54″ by 75″.
  • Queen: 60′ by 80″
  • King 76″ x 80″

A smaller room might be best . You can choose to go with either a twin or full. If you have more space, a queen or full can be a better choice. You will have more storage and sleeping space.

Quick Tips

When searching for storage beds, think about your needs. What kind of items will you store there? What are the most important items you will need to access? Footboard storage is a good option if you have to access them frequently.

Take into account how large your room is. You should have at least 3-4 feet of space around your storage bed.

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