Five Ways WMS Can Benefit the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Warehouse management software is essential for all supply chains. However, for certain industries, it may be more beneficial. Craig Powell, the Managing Director at Balloon One shares his insights into warehouse management software’s potential to optimize pharmaceutical logistics.

Effective warehouse management is essential for any supply chain. However, the pharmaceutical industry faces additional challenges. Warehouse management software (WMS) may help to solve many of the problems associated with handling medical equipment and drugs.

I will show you just a few of the many ways WMS can help your Northwest haulage companies.

Compliance with FMD

WMS technology makes it easier to securely transmit digital information and ensures transparency throughout the supply chain. This is essential for compliance with the Falsified Medicines Directive. According to the FMD, every package of pharmaceuticals must contain a unique barcode that contains the batch number, expiry dates, and serial numbers. WMS can read these codes and keep track of the information. This improves efficiency. secured UK can also be notified when stock has been received, moved, and picked up for dispatch, again in compliance with the FMD.

Sensitivity to time

Tracking drug expiry dates is one of the most critical elements of pharmaceutical supply. WMS allows you to keep product locations and dates, as well as other digital information, to optimize your inventory management system. This will make your goods safer to store and transport, and it can also reduce the number of items that get lost or need to be thrown out. This will help you meet your waste targets, save money for clients, and ensure that fewer resources are wasted. This helps to ensure stock spends as little time as possible in transit and storage, which further improves efficiency.

Pharmacological maintenance

Falsified medicines can be disguised as genuine medicines, but they may contain harmful or toxic ingredients or the wrong dosage. They can be dangerous to your health because they have not been checked for safety, efficacy, and quality as required by EU authorization. The risk that falsified medicines will reach EU patients increases as they become more sophisticated. They pose a grave threat to global health and require a comprehensive strategy at both the European and international levels.

According to the MHRA, almost one-third of major and critical deficiencies can be attributed to incorrect storage temperatures. WMS is a tool that can be used to track complex storage information, such as temperature and climate-controlled warehouses. It also helps with contamination control. You can also be alerted to problems such as fridge failures. This can prevent medicine spoilage, keep wasted stock to an absolute minimum, and help you save energy and reduce cooling and heating costs.

Security concerns eliminated

You can manage security issues like theft much more effectively if you have access to data and information such as stock levels in a visual and easy-to-read format. You can reduce the risk of theft by digitizing processes like vendor tracking and labeling. Monitoring motion-detection cameras and motion-detection alarms can also prevent tampering. Logging every step of your safe disposal can be useful in meeting regulations or when you run into legal or environmental problems.

Solutions that can be customized

WMS can be customized to fit all types of projects. This means that no matter your requirements, you will likely find the technology or personalize your software to improve your workflow. If you require customized traceability, storage monitoring, or personalized picking/packing systems, don’t hesitate to explore the options available. Talk to your WMS provider if you are unable to find the right solution for your particular warehousing needs. They can discuss what add-ons and customized services they offer.

These are just a few of the many ways WMS has helped improve the pharmaceutical supply chain. WMS can simplify complex warehouse processes.